Varmint for Score Rifle Match

BASC Varmint for Score Rifle Match
2 Target Match

This match is for BASC members and their guests. There are no prizes at this time. All BASC range rules will be in effect.


This will be a 100 yard match held at the East end of the 200 yard range, using the 8 concrete benches. Each shooter will shoot 2 stages. Each stage will consist of 1, club supplied IBS 100 HR target for a match total of 2 targets. There is a 7 minute time limit per target. Each shooter will supply their own target frame and attach/remove their targets as required.


Any centerfire rifle that is .30 caliber or less is acceptable. Aftermarket triggers, stocks and barrels as well as any type of optics are acceptable.
Rifles with muzzle brakes or ported barrels are not acceptable. Flying brass from semi-auto rifles must be contained. Benchrest rifles are not acceptable. A benchrest rifle is defined as a rifle with a custom action that is not normally sold by the manufacturer as a complete rifle. It is a single shot rifle with no provision for a magazine.


Each IBS 100 HR target consists of 6 targets. 5 targets are for score and 1 is the sighter. The sighter target may be used as an aid in order to hit the bull of the score targets. The sighter may be shot at any time, and as many times as necessary, during the 7 minute time limit. The 5 score targets are to be shot only one time each. If a score target is shot more than once, the hole that scores the lowest will be recorded. At the end of the match, the scores of each target will be added up. Then those 2 scores will be added together for the aggregate score. The highest aggregate score wins. A 100-10X would be a perfect score.


There is a $5.00 entry fee for the match.

Event Information

Event Date 04-17-2022
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 1
Individual Price $5.00

We are no longer accepting registration for this event