.22 Rimfire Match

$5 fee for members and guests

The BASC .22 Rimfire match is a for members and guests. It will be a cold range match and firearms are to be loaded only at the firing line under the direction of the Range Officer. Firearms are to remain cased or carried muzzle up or down, except in the designated “Safe Area”or at the Firing line under the direction of the Range Officer. Ammo may handled anywhere except the “Safe Area”

Any .22 pistol and/or any .22 rifle , with magazines for each, ( 5 preferably, but not a requirement)
We plan on shooting 3 stages of pistol and 3 stages of rifle, at 5 strings each , total minimum round count would be 150 rounds with no misses . Bring extra ammo.


Score is total time, plus penalties.
Typically, 5 targets , with 5 strings of fire per stage . The fastest 4 times will be totaled for the score for that course of fire .


Complete Rules


Event Information

Event Date 09-04-2022
Capacity Unlimited
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Individual Price $5.00

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