The Bay Area Shooting Club (BASCTX) is a non-profit, members-only club that caters to families and shooters of all ages.
BASCTX is a private club and is not open to the general public.


The membership year is September 1 to August 31 the following year. If the membership falls below the maximum number allowed, then the Board of Directors may elect to add new members.

Individuals wishing to join should sign up on the waiting list when posted in January. In September when current member renewals are complete, an email will be sent out to invite persons on the waiting list to join.

All applicants must attend a one-time only Club Orientation. The orientation will be given in October and is MANDATORY. If you miss this orientation you will NOT have an opportunity to sign up again until the next year.

New Member Costs

  • $170 annual dues
  • $50 one-time orientation fee
  • $50 optional guest
    badge (limit of one the first year)

Annual membership dues are subject to change in May or June of each year.

New Member Probation

All new members will be on probation for a period of one year.


During the probationary period new members will limited to only one guest ID badge. After one year they will be allowed to purchase up to three Guest ID Badges.

The Range

Our 200 acre range facility is located in the greater Houston area at 4100 Euell Road, near Crosby, Texas.
The range includes:

  • 40 Yard Bay
  • 50 Yard Bays (2)
  • Zero to 200 Yard Rifle Range
  • 300 / 400 Yard Rifle Range
  • 500 / 600 Yard Rifle Range
  • Informal Clay Shotgun Range

Probationary members are not allowed to use the Long Range Facility unless accompanied by a Long Range Certified Member. After one year, members will be allowed to attend the Long Range Certification Orientation (free). Upon successful completion of the LR Certification, members will be allowed to use the LRF without being accompanied by a LR Certified member.

The Long Range Facility

Our range is one of the very few in this part of Texas where members can shoot out to 600 yards.

New members are allowed to use the Long Range Facility during their first year of membership as long as they are accompanied by a Long Range Qualified member. After one year a new member can apply for Long Range Qualification.